No Pasta No Party: Pax Romana

Pax Romana


189 E. Post Road, White Plains, NY 10601


A “peace” of Rome in downtown White Plains, Pax Romana, has made it’s mark on the affluent bustling city.

12631478_1547056798940655_2988886176682766029_nThe menu is full of traditional favorites with a fantastically modern twist! Upon entering, I began to have flash backs to my trip to Trastevere. The showcase of fresh gelato, friends gathered around tables chatting between their sips of wine and twirls of spaghetti…
a beautiful bar area along the far side filled with smiling faces as fresh pasta is being crafted within eyesight. I thought to myself, this place is awesome!12806035_1559951030984565_4360272275020691237_n

After 3 wonderful experiences at Pax Romana it’s safe to say that it is my go-to spot when I want my homemade pasta and gelato fix! The staff, always attentive and friendly, is dressed in t-shirts that read “No Pasta No Party”.  They don’t take reservations but the wait is never intolerable even on Saturday nights.

12805768_1561764274136574_552743447206570288_n We just grab a spot by the bar or at one of the bar tables and snack on some pizza if we’re hungry. The vibe is upbeat and welcoming and the drinks are made perfectly. The atmosphere is enjoyable and very clean. No fuss!

Growing up Italian-American and a self-proclaimed foodie and “chef”, I’ve always been extra particular about my Italian fare. Typically I stray away from ordering anything with tomato sauce, because face it, nothing compares to moms, or mine. IMG_9050However, our waiter recommended the Gnocchi Sorrentina so I figured we would try it. All I have to say is mom’s going to have to get ear muffs this time because their sauce is UNREAL.

I’ve also had the pappardelle and fettucine, which was light and SO fresh and cooked perfectly al dente.  Aside from the pasta dishes, which are all cleverly paired with a mouth watering sauce… IMG_9052
I’ve tried the pizza, rice balls, mozz and calamari. All two thumbs up as long as one hand isn’t holding a glass of vino 🙂 And the grilled octopus is totally a standout. My best friend who doesn’t even eat seafood or any meat other than chicken, even tried the grilled octopus at PR because everyone at our table was raving about how good it was… just to put it in perspective.

And a meal for me is never complete without dessert and espresso. Luckily Pax Romana has a wide variety of homemade gelato and a cup of Italy’s best. The gelato is served with one of “Nonna’s” homemade pizelles which always makes my heart happy.12642453_1546195465693455_5576244602007069089_n

Pax Romana is now a staple on my list and a real star for the White Plains area. It’s perfect for a girl’s night out, a fun casual date night, or happy hour with coworkers… and totally family friendly! Can’t wait to go back!

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