Cognoscente’s Corner : La Flor Dominicana TCFKA “M”

Presentation is Key…..

La Flor Dominicana, a Dominican brand known for its powerhouse Double Ligero blends and unique chisel shaped smokes, has been a favorite amongst cigar enthusiasts since it’s establishment over a decade ago. Through the combination of hard work, uncompromising quality, and arguably the most innovative mind in the cigar business, La Flor Dominicana sticks appeal to even the most demanding smokers – those who look for more of a cigar than a pleasant 45 minute diversion.  And, it is that, which caused my initial hesitation to introduce the line to the cigar shop’s inventory.

home of the chisel

La Flor Dominicana tobacco is not for the faint of heart, or should I say, lungs. The Ligero tobaccos create a full flavor experience not every smoker can appreciate. However, after it was requested by numerous customers, I decided to start dabbling in LFD’s unique products.


My first impressionable experience with the LFD line was with the Chapter One. The dark and oily Brazilian Maduro wrapper would tend to scare most consumers away, but I found the balance between the Connecticut broadleaf binder and super premium Dominican fillers resulted in a true medium-bodied delicious smoke. So I dabbled further….

TCFKA M 2014 box

Today, we look at the La Flor Dominicana’s TCFKA “M” Collector’s 2014. The presentation is truly breathtaking. The 7 x 55 perfecto is delicately wrapped with an Ecuadorian Connecticut shade wrapper complemented by a Connecticut broadleaf, creating a unique spiral design, which finishes with a pigtail at the end. Underneath lies a Dominican binder and a filler consisting of both Nicaragua and Dominican tobaccos. Pre-light notes consisted of earthy tones, like barnyard grass and touches of hay, and an acidic smell which reminded me of orange juice or tang.

TCFKA M 2014 - 4TCFKA M 2014 - 2

As I began smoking the stick, I couldn’t draw enough smoke, which lead to a second cut.

cigar cuts

Immediately improving the flow of smoke, I discovered a touch of black pepper, leather, and a taste I could only describe as white toast lathered in butter. Post exhale left me with a lathery butter texture in my mouth. The cigar started more on the mellow side, but after the 1st third, the strength began to pick up. Black pepper turned to red pepper flakes, and then there was some type of floral component, and it had me imagining I was stuffing my face with rose petals. The flavors became meaty as the cigar burned to a finish; an even conclusion to the copious amount of pepper expressed throughout.

TCFKA M 2014 - 3

By the third cigar I smoked for this review, I figured out the ideal position to cut the cigar leading to a full draw. And with that, my conclusion was: the LFD TCFKA “M” Collector’s 2014 is a solid A-. The presentation alone could speak for itself. But, the mixture of a Connecticut broadleaf and an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper truly does add to the unique flavor of this cigar. As my dear chef friend Fernando says,  “presentation is key!”, and in this case I could not agree more.

“Smoke if ya got em!” – The Cognoscente Formerly Known As “Michael”

Size: 7 x 55 Perfecto
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade w/Connecticut Broadleaf Accents
Binder: Dominican
Filler: Dominican & Nicaragua
Strength: Full
Flavor: Full
Cigars Smoked For Review: 3

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